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At IN•N•OUT™ Self-Service Dog Wash & Full-Service Grooming, we have everything you need

to give your dog the perfect wash PLUS+ a whole lot more! No more clogged drains, messy

tubs, dirty towels, or unruly pets. Just bring in your pooch and we supply the rest. We pride

ourselves on providing friendly, professional service. Take a look at our deep-cleaning, self-wash

services, plus all the FREE extras you won’t find at other self-service dog washes.
No appointments needed. Walk-ins are accepted.

Self-Service Dog Wash PLUS+ INCLUDES:

+ Individual wash stalls for shy or anti-social dogs

+ Easy access dog ramps 

+ Restraining loops for extra safety

+ Dog-safe shampoos

+ Auto water pressure for easy lathering

+ Towels

+ High-efficiency, no-burn blow dryers

+ Nail clipping by our professional staff

+ Ear cleaning by our experienced staff

+ Staff assistance

+ Finishing spray for that final touch

+ Colorful bandana

+ Buy 4 washes and save 20%

Only $19.95
A La Carte Menu / Add-Ons*

• “Fur-minator” Deshedding Treatment

• Flea and tick shampoo

• Zymox anti-Itch shampoo

• De-skunking shampoo

• Dematting and tangle removing

• Nail smoothing

• Nail painting

• Gland expression

• Paw pad conditioner

• Protective nail caps

• Stencil and color of choice

* Add-ons are an extra charge

Enjoying the Wash
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