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At IN•N•OUT™ we have everything you need to give your dog the perfect cut and

blow PLUS+ a whole lot more! We only hire professional and compassionate dog stylists for a

safe grooming experience. Our stylists have years of actual experience. Just call ahead for an appointment
and we’ll set you up! Prices for dog bathing and dog grooming packages are based on breed, condition
of coat, and time taken to complete the service. While we can do our best to provide an approximate
price range over the phone, you’ll get the most accurate quote if we can assess your pet in person.

Full-Service Grooming PLUS+ 

+ Consult:

Groomer discusses the pet’s needs and personality with the owner

+ Shampoo

Thorough deep-cleaning shampoo massage using a hypoallergenic formula containing no

harmful dyes or perfumes

+ Conditioning

Soothing oatmeal-blended conditioner is applied to revitalize the coat and skin, while helping

release dead coat and tangles

+ Fluff Drying

Pets are be carefully hand dried

+ Brushing and Combing

Pets are gently brushed and combed

+ Pedicure

Nails are trimmed as short as safety allows

+ Ear Check

Ears are examined and cleaned with a mild veterinarian-approved lotion

+ Pad Check

Excess hair is removed under pet’s feet to make walking more comfortable

+ Foot Trim

Slight trim to tidy around the feet, if requested

+ Hygienic Trim

If needed, “personal“ areas are trimmed. Depending on the amount of hair, there may be an

extra charge.

+ Grooming Report

Groomer reports on the condition of your pet, records and logs their observations on the store tablet

+ Cologne/Gloss Coat

Finishing touches that prolong that fresh “just-groomed“ experience. Please tell us if you prefer

to avoid perfumed scents

Starting at $37
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